About The Ohio Painting Company

The Ohio Painting Company, Family Owned & Operated

A Dayton, OH painting dynamic duo raising our families on the same principals we apply to our business everyday. Nourish open, loving and trusting relationships that will last a lifetime. Don’t hide or mask your problems. Find them, discuss them and fix them.

We won’t service you with anything you don’t need. You’ll get the best of our knowledge and resources everytime you call, assuring you will make your best decisions.

We promise to deliver more service and consideration to you than any other painting company. We are committed to setting the new standard in the paint service industry.

– Kevin Sillaman & Nick Goebel

Who are we?

The Ohio Painting Company was founded to establish a reputation as the leading commercial and house painting company in the Greater-Dayton area. When you trust your home or business painting project to The Ohio Painting Company you are guaranteed high quality painting services from one of the top rated painting providers with premium product selection from the top brand names in the painting industry.

We know exactly which tools are required for each contract and provide free consultations about your commercial or residential painting needs before beginning the job. Even if you know nothing about painting, the talented staff at The Ohio Painting Company can assist you is discovering the painting services that you need.

What services do we offer?

The Ohio Painting Company offers a variety of high-quality painting services, such as:

House Painting

  1. You might want to take on a paint job in your Dayton house on your own, but that would be tiresome and time-consuming. It can be challenging to manage the house painting process and finish in a manner that reflects what you desire.

  2. Our mission at The Ohio Painting Company is to lift the burden off your shoulders and provide services that will produce the top-quality results you expect. Our professional house painters use high-quality products that yield exceptional results, allowing you to focus on your family and other important matters.

Interior and Exterior Painting

  1. At the Ohio Painting Company, we consider several exterior and interior painting factors, including weather changes and color compatibility. Our professional painters ensure that you get high-quality results that guarantee total satisfaction.

  2. We work on interior spaces such as living rooms, dining rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, hallways, home offices, and basements. We provide exterior painting services on decks, sidings, fences, garages, barns, and railings.

Commercial Painting

1. We offer reliable and efficient commercial painting services while prioritizing project management and customer satisfaction. Our painting crew is licensed and insured to provide professional services without disrupting your daily activities. We will ensure that your project is completed on time and fits within your budget. We work on commercial properties such as:

  • Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Healthcare Institutions.
  • Office buildings.
  • Warehouses and Storage Facilities.
  • Steel Buildings.
  • Tilt-up Buildings.
  • Apartments and Complexes.

2. We also work on underground parking garages and other local commercial and industrial facilities.

Why Hire Professional Painters?

At The Ohio Painting Company, we value offering high-quality services that you will be happy with. Our painting services can help save you time and money, and we customer satisfaction a top priority.

Our professional painting services offer the following benefits:

  1. We will help you choose the appropriate options for your property and take you step-by-step through the entire process.
  2. We know the right products to use in all areas. We use genuine products of high quality from popular brands.
  3. We have years of experience dealing with projects of any kind, so we know the right actions to take.
  4. We have the right tools and equipment to carry out any task that comes our way.
  5. You will get a satisfactory result that guarantees a high return on your investment.
  6. We can complete the job on time according to the specific deadlines stipulated in the agreement.
  7. We know how to give your walls a quality finish that leaves them smooth and shiny.
  8. Trusting the professionals will take away the stress and worries from the project.

Get Your Free Painting Estimate

Painting is one of the best and fastest ways to make your space look new and increase its value. Painting is a complicated process that requires time and skill. A professional can help you work correctly, on time, and within your budget.

At the Ohio Painting Company, we follow a step-by-step approach to painting buildings in Dayton. We start by discussing your project in detail and setting a date for prep work once you request an estimate. Our painting contractor will answer all your questions and help you meet your needs using the allocated budget.

We handle the moving of furniture and other items from the work area and conduct any necessary repairs or maintenance before painting. We carry out quality control at the end to ensure all aspects and objectives of the project are met. We then begin using colors and products that will execute your vision with precision and leave you satisfied.

The Ohio Painting Company is the best in Dayton, offering efficient service at competitive prices. Call us now at (937) 409-4443 or request an estimate online!