Faux Finish Painting

Do you have a blank wall that feels so boring each time you stare at it? Or does your wall painting feel like it needs to be more beautiful? You should probably consider a faux finish painting on that wall.

If you love artistic designs in your space, you would love Faux painting. Faux painting or finish is a decorative painting technique that makes a wall appear to be made up of something else. Faux is a French word for fake. You can have a brick wall and decide to make it look like a finished stone wall using faux finish painting.

Faux painting is often used in place of wallpaper or an actual material because it is comparatively cheaper. Marble is expensive, but your wall can be painted to look like marble without spending so much. With faux painting, all you need to make your wall look like marble is paint, proper brushes, painting knowledge, and the right team. And if you get tired of the marble wall finish, you can paint over it again to get a new look.

If you are looking for interior and exterior painting services in Dayton, OH & surrounding areas, our professional painters can help you. We have worked on many projects using quality materials and provided customer satisfaction with competitive prices on our faux finishes.

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Faux Painting Ideas in Dayton, OH

The creativity with faux painting is limitless. There are a lot of styles and patterns you can generate. The list of materials or finishes you can mimic is endless. All it takes is skills and creativity.

Some faux painting ideas you can benefit from include:

This typical faux painting pattern requires a piece of clothing material, or rag rolled on a painted wall or dipped in paint and applied to a glazed surface in a mottled manner.

You guessed right, bricking means mimicking a brick pattern. It makes your walls look as if they were built with bricks. It can be achieved using paint that has the same color as the shade of bricks you want.

This style requires a steady hand to achieve. Depending on what you want, you are at liberty to choose a horizontal or vertical line with the dimension you want.

This method first requires a hue of paint on the wall to create a layer and then a glazed layer with a contrasting hue over the first layer when it dries up.

Making a surface look like a marble finishing is not as easy as color washing or wag rolling. But it is a faux finish idea you might want to try out in your space.

With the right set of brushes and paints, you can give a wood grain finish to a surface. That’s what a faux design allows you to do.

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Where Can Faux Painting Be Done?

Faux painting can be done for both commercial buildings and private properties. There is no restriction as to where this painting can be applied. Faux painting can be used as the homeowner wants. Depending on the aesthetics the homeowner aims at achieving, he can either use faux painting on the whole interior wall or any available blank wall in the house.

Imagine the cost of using a ceramic wall finish in a big restaurant. Public buildings like hotels and restaurants nowadays use faux painting inside their facilities to substitute this highly-priced finishing material with an affordable option.

Homeowners appreciate this trend and request it because it opens up a world of interior design opportunities.

The Ohio Painting Company Delivers Excellent Faux Finishes

Homeowners will always seek to compare quotes, look at verified reviews, and look to find pros in Ohio that can meet their needs.

If you are looking for professional contractors, you would want to ensure that the company you choose has extensive experience providing an excellent service for faux finishes.

At The Ohio Painting Company, we have significant experience with faux finishes and provide a great experience in our role in interior design. Our job is to ensure that your house is aligned with your standards.

Whether you need a specific detail or an exquisite faux finish in a certain area in your room, our team is here to accommodate. Our uniqueness comes from our quality, our breadth of customers, and our attention to detail.

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Before you employ a painter to mimic a material, you have to be sure the person is capable. Not everybody that can hold a painting brush knows how to do a faux painting. Some painters specialize in faux painting. Such painters are likely to give you a better result than those not specialized. 

Our faux painters have carried out faux finishings on residential units and commercial spaces. We can quickly implement the designs you desire for your project in Dayton, OH.

Our years of experience practicing as faux painters have earned us the required skills to tackle any design challenge you bring our way and give you the space you have always thought of having.

We take great pride in our work, and we are pleased to present our professional approach to your job. Call us today for faux finishes within your house!