Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting experts specializing in project management, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Exterior Painting

The Ohio Painting Company is proud to serve homeowners in Dayton, Cincinnati and surrounding areas by providing clean, professional exterior painting services. Whether you want to enhance your home’s appearance to match your preferences or to prepare it for sale, you can always trust our team to offer the transparent, expert painting services you need for your painting projects.

If you looking for exterior painting services for your home, you can trust the local painting experts at The Ohio Painting Company. Contact us online today to book your free painting proposal or call us at (937) 409-4443.

The High-Quality Exterior Painters

At The Ohio Painting Company, we are committed to providing quality exterior painting services every time. No matter what home or exterior surface you are looking to have painted, we make it our goal to provide excellent painting and customer service.

With over seventy 5-star reviews on Google alone, we are the trusted exterior painters of Dayton and Cincinnati. Our valued clients enjoy the following:

  1. WE RESPECT YOUR TIME: We pride ourselves on our quality work, consistent punctuality and customer-focused approach.
  2. WE RESPECT YOUR HOME: When you work with our experienced painting team, you can trust us to respect your home with advanced preparation and cleanup.
  3. WE RESPECT YOUR MONEY: We will deliver painting services that you are happy with at a fair price you can trust.
  4. WE ARE PAINTERS YOU CAN TRUST: The Ohio Painting Company is one of the most reliable professional interior painting companies in the Dayton, Ohio area.

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Exterior Spaces We Paint

House Siding

We can paint your home's siding to bring it new life while preventing mold and mildew growth.


Help your deck look like new again with a fresh coat of stain, paint or sealant to decrease the chance of rotting and improve its appearance.


A new layer of paint or stain can help preserve your outdoor railings.


We can provide a new coat of paint or weather sealant to keep your fences beautiful and protected.


Let us help you rejuvenate a tired old garage door with a fresh layer of paint and sealant.


Proper exterior paint and weather sealant can protect your barn from rot and other damage.

Our Exterior Painting Process

01. Free Estimate & Color Selection

When you request a free estimate, one of our professional estimators will visit your home to discuss your project. We will evaluate the scope of work to be completed and offer an honest, no-obligation estimate. We believe in helping you achieve your vision for your home, so we'll provide the straightforward estimate you need to make an informed decision. Our experts will also walk you through color ideas to help you find the best fit for your preferences.

02. Surface Preparation

We will do everything to ensure your home is ready for exterior paint. Our thorough preparation and attention to detail will help promote long-lasting performance. Some tasks we will complete to prepare your house for painting include protecting or removing furniture, clearing away debris, washing surfaces, scraping off loose paint, filling gaps and performing basic repairs.

03. New Paint Application

Once your house is prepared, our expert exterior painters will meticulously paint your home to execute your vision precisely. We use high-quality paint to bring a lasting solution that beautifies and refreshes your house's exterior. At the end of each day, we'll clean up our tools and materials to ensure your home is a clean and safe space. Our team will work quickly and efficiently with minimal interference with your daily life.

04. Quality Assurance

Your satisfaction is our priority, which is why we perform consistent quality checks throughout the project. From preparation to completion, we will communicate clearly and frequently to ensure we meet your needs. We are only finished when we've achieved your vision and fulfilled your expectations, so you can trust us to offer high-quality work in all that we do.

Choose a Quality Exterior Painting Company

When you need a dependable, professional exterior painter near you, trust The Ohio Painting Company. Our team of experienced painters has the materials to deliver the high-quality results you need to transform your home’s exterior. If you are interested in our exterior painting services, contact us online or call us today at (937) 409-4443.