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When you need residential and commercial interior and exterior painting services, trust The Ohio Painting Company®. We set a new standard in painting with honest quoting and quality paintwork you can trust. 

We focus on building long-lasting and prosperous partnerships with our clients through our commitment to skilled painting and excellent customer service. Our team of qualified professionals respects your property, follows your design requirements and works to exceed your expectations. We aim to be the industry exception, offering reliable and trustworthy painting services in Enon, Ohio. 

We Respect Your Time

We always arrive on time and work with minimal disruption to your day.

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We provide fair and honest pricing that works for your budget.

We Respect Your Property

We take all the necessary steps to keep your property clean and safe.

We Respect You

We offer quality assurance and customer service at every step.

Interior Painting in Enon, OH

A fresh coat of paint provides more than just a new wall color. It preserves your interior structures, refreshes your space and enhances your comfort. That’s why we offer full-scale and quality interior residential painting services, including repainting and staining your home according to your design and maintenance goals. 

We use high-quality, premium interior paint and skillful techniques to help you get the best results when painting or repainting your home. Our expert painters are qualified and experienced in painting various internal components, rooms and surfaces. Whether you want to upgrade your entire home or just one room, our home interior painting services cover a wide range of areas, including the:

  • Kitchen: Rejuvenate your kitchen or get the cooking space you’ve always wanted with a paint job to match your design vision and interior goals.
  • Bedroom: Transform your bedroom with trendy and bright paint shades that suit your taste and elevate your space.
  • Living room: You spend a lot of time in your living room relaxing and entertaining. Make it the centerpiece of your home and enhance your comfort with a refreshing paint job. 
  • Basement: Your basement doesn’t have to go unnoticed in your home. Enhance this space with a wall and ceiling paint job.

Exterior House Painting in Enon, OH

You can enjoy several benefits when you paint your exterior property, including enhancing your outdoor aesthetics and curb appeal, protecting your exterior materials from the elements and preserving your structural integrity.

To help you realize these benefits, we offer comprehensive and quality exterior painting services like wood patching, scraping, priming and caulking. We use premium-grade outdoor paints and stains to safeguard your structure, preventing premature wear like paint chipping, peeling and cracking, rot and mold growth.

Our teams are knowledgeable in painting various exterior materials, including vinyl, wood, brick and cement, and we use suitable techniques for varying surfaces and textures. When you need to upgrade your home exterior, we are your trusted source for residential painting services, including for any exterior painting needs.

Commercial Painting in Enon, OH

A commercial paint job can leave a lasting impression, make your brand stand out and increase your competitive advantage. At The Ohio Painting Company, we know the importance of impressive paintwork for enhancing your business reputation and image. 

We provide expert commercial painting services, including surface preparation, sandblasting and epoxy coating to improve your building’s appearance and longevity. 

Our experienced painters work on various building surfaces and structures and use above-industry-standard paint to provide you with durable and attractive finishes. We efficiently paint your building to meet deadlines and reduce disruptions and downtime. Our commercial interior and exterior painting services cover various business and building types, such as: 

  • Offices
  • Retail stores
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Industrial facilities
  • Restaurants 
  • Medical facilities
  • And more!

Get Reliable Painting Services From The Ohio Paint Company

When hiring a painting company in Enon, Ohio, The Ohio Paint Company is the difference in quality and value. When you choose us for your residential or commercial painting project, you get what you pay for, including value for money, exceptional artistry and top-tier customer service.

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