Trendy Interior Paint Colors in Dayton, OH for 2024

Nick Goebel

Nick Goebel

Co-founder of The Ohio Painting Company®

Refreshing your interior walls with updated, stylish colors gives you — and your home — a whole new lease on life. For Dayton, Ohio, popular interior house colors tend to ebb and flow with global trends. This year, luxurious azure tones, delicate neutrals, deep, dark shades and variations of peach take center stage. We’re here to help you decide which of 2024’s interior wall color trends will work best with your aesthetic, furniture, space and vision.


Very White Walls

White is classic, sophisticated and timeless. As the mother of all neutrals, it adds subtle vibrance to a room while complementing pops of color from art, furniture and decor. White also has the power to make bold design statements, as seen in Kim Kardashian’s vast, all-white mansion, which she describes as “minimal monastery.”

Real estate experts predict that white interior walls will make a resounding comeback in 2024, not only for their stylish aesthetics but for the value they add to a property.

Light, neutral colors make a room feel more spacious and bright than their darker counterparts, which will impress potential buyers if you ever sell your property. White also acts as a blank canvas, making it easier for people to imagine the space as their own, filled with their furniture, art and decor.


Light Grey Interiors

Light grey is a soothing, welcoming color that goes wonderfully with anything. It’s a fantastic choice for guest rooms, entrance halls, living rooms, kitchens — anywhere you want your guests to feel welcomed. Also, if you’re an indoor plant person, you’ll love the look of a light grey backdrop behind your emerald green philodendrons and peace lilies.

If you need help picking the perfect interior paint colors for Dayton’s rich variety of architectural styles, consider pairing light grey walls with brilliant white ceilings and accents. This combination is chic, right on trend for 2024 and will age gracefully into 2025 and beyond. That’s the beauty of neutrals — they never really go out of style.

For a warmer feel within the same neighborhood as light grey, check out variants of greige — a grey-beige hybrid that’s making waves in 2024. Greige has an earthier undertone that looks gorgeous against white and dramatic against darker neutrals. You could paint your sunroom a mossy greige so it feels like a peaceful transitionary space between inside and outside.


Deep Luxurious Blue

2024 is the year of blue, according to interior designers. Deep, luxurious blue walls enrich a space, create a feeling of calm and add refined elegance to a room. It pairs exquisitely with white, as seen in houses across the Greek islands, and it creates a visually stimulating yet subtle contrast against warm brown furniture and hardwood flooring.

As Dayton’s interior wall colors go, darker shades of blue are becoming more and more popular. Dayton’s luxurious Hotel Ardant incorporates opulent blue hues in accent walls, drapes, cabinets and furnishings, giving the hotel a magnificent palatial atmosphere. The same strategy would work wonders to add richness to the home, particularly in bedrooms, living rooms, studies and bathrooms.

Deep, luxurious blues look their best in natural lighting, so keep that in mind when picking which rooms you want to paint. Along with lighting, pick paint with the right finish to best bring your vision to life. Matte paint finishes will give deep blue shades a darker, softer look, while a glossier finish will reflect light and make the color look brighter.


Peachy Persimmon Interiors

Variations of peach have found their way into homes worldwide. Looking at the list of popular interior paint colors in Dayton, it’s clear that Ohio is no exception. Shades of peachy persimmon impart feelings of warmth, nurturing, closeness and youthful vigor, like a mother’s embrace or a blushing child. You can spot trendy paint colors in Dayton around every corner.

Peachy colors complement muted greens and shades of teal, acting as an excellent backdrop for potted plants and verdant artwork. Light grey and white also work well with persimmon, so you could add a peachy accent wall to an otherwise neutral space for a fun and interesting pop of color. Dark wood looks best against persimmon walls, so consider incorporating the color into rooms with ebony, mahogany, walnut and cherry wood furniture.

Fun fact: Ebony wood comes from the plant genus Diospyros, the same genus that produces the persimmon fruit!


Paint It Black

One color inspiring interior designers in 2024 is bold, beautiful black, which can make a room look modern, refined and fascinating. Matte black walls, in particular, are trending in 2024. Unlike paint with a glossy finish that reflects light, matte black paint absorbs it. This gives walls a sleek, upscale and mysterious allure.

Black interior walls look stunning with metal finishes. A moody backdrop of black wall paint highlights and elevates silver or gold fixtures and decorative items in your house, whether ornate vases, lampshades, picture frames, door handles or even faucets.


Dark Kitchen Islands and Light Cabinets

Give your kitchen a stylish makeover by contrasting darker and lighter hues. Light-colored cabinets brighten the space and create the illusion of a larger room, while a dark kitchen island perched between them acts as an eye-catching statement piece. You could go as dramatic as black and white, or soften the look with a charcoal or deep blue island surrounded by earthy, neutral-toned cabinetry.

If you’ve got a granite or marble countertop on your kitchen island, you’ll likely want it to stand out for its natural beauty and intricate textures. Apply a black or very dark grey coat of paint to the cabinets below to accentuate the countertop and add class to your kitchen.

You can also use black in a more understated, less dramatic way through accent walls. For a more functional approach, consider applying chalkboard paint to a small section of wall in your kitchen, office or library. You can use the wall like a chalkboard to write reminders, notes and grocery lists, and then wipe it clean for a sleek, matte black effect.


Paint Your Home With Dayton’s Top Colors

A fresh coat of paint can bring new life to your home’s interior and make you fall in love with a room all over again. By partnering with The Ohio Painting Company®, you can reinvigorate your home and update your aesthetic with a trustworthy, professional, reputable team behind the wheel. Get a free quote from our professional estimators.

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