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When it comes to house painting, there are many factors to consider. Seasonal weather changes, color compatibility, wall construction material, maintaining a unified look, and interior decor are all part of the professional painting checklist created by our proficient Ohio Painting staff. If you’re ready for a fresh change in your home or office, then contact the painting experts at The Ohio Painting Company. We’re Licensed and insured for $6 million, locally owned and operated. Contact The Ohio Painting Company today to book your free painting proposal at (513) 457-1040.

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We Respect Your Time

You’ll never wonder if our team will show up on time or not.

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We clean up every day, so you can enjoy your home with little interruption.

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We will deliver world-class quality at a fair price you can trust.

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We are committed to being the Quality, Clean, Professional painters you can trust with your home.

Exterior Spaces We Paint

House Siding

Bring new life to your house siding, and prevent mold and mildew at the same time.


Make your Deck look like new again with a new coat of stain or paint, and prevent rotting with a sealant.


Paint or Stain your handrail or deck railing to preserve it for years to come.


Paint, and weather seal your fencing to out last even the nosiest neighbors.


Rejuvenate your tired old garage door with a fresh layer of paint and sealant.


Whether you're repainting or putting the first coat on, protect your barn from rot with the proper paint and weather sealant.


Here at Ohio Painting Company we like to make your visions become reality. We work around the clock to help create what you have always envisioned, whether it’s new colors for one Room, the Whole House, or maybe its your Office space.

As a Team here at Ohio Painting Company, we put your needs first, ensuring that you are satisfied with your new space.

Remodeling your home or office space?

Email us or call (513) 457-1040 to get in touch with The Ohio Painting team to help make your vision a reality.

The exterior paint in your home has remarkable influence on its aesthetic and atmosphere. Refreshing paint or taking on a whole new color scheme is an easy and affordable way to transform the exterior of your home to better suit your sense of style. The pros at The Ohio Painting Company offer professional exterior house painting to refresh your homes appearance or prepare your home for sale.

Creating the Ideal Atmosphere in Your Home

When painting the inside of your home, choosing the right colors is essential to creating the desired aesthetic – but making a decision can be difficult. Our painting experts will sit with you and walk you through some basic color schemes and ideas. We offer outstanding service throughout every phase of your project, from the initial color consultation until the work is complete.

Painting the interior of either your home or your office is a special task, it’s a statement about who you are. We take great pride in our painting process and the finished product, because we know you’ll love it too.

Where do you begin? Give us a call. We offer free quotes to all our costumers, allowing us to better understand what you’re looking for and what we can offer.

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Hiring a professional for exterior house painting can save you time, money, and headaches. Here at The Ohio Painting Company we are equipped with the best materials allowing us to deliver high quality results to our high quality customers. We guarantee that you will be completely satisfied with the quality of our work. Check out our 4 Step Process below to better understand what we do to guarantee your satisfaction.


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