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Living rooms spaces are for just that, living. They are were we hangout with friends and family, were we watch our morning news while we drink our coffee. The living room is where Christmas’s year after year are celebrated. So much precious time with loved ones all in one room. The years can take a toll on not just the furniture but your walls and doorframes too. Moving those big Christmas gift through the doorway eventually leaves a few dings or scrapes. Here at The Ohio Painting Company we want your incredibly special room to be treated just the way it should be, special. The living deserves to shine and carry the friendliness and warm we all come to know it for.
Painting a large room, like the living room, can seem like an easy task, but if you run into any problems or become busy with family life, it can leave the living room a construction zone and unusable until life calms down and the project can be finished.
Instead, hire a profession painting team from The Ohio Painting Company and we’ll make sure your living room is back to doing what it does best as quickly as possible.


Our 4 Step Process to bringing you the highest quality work possible

01. Proposal

Following your request for a free estimate, a painting professional visits your home to discuss your project in detail, help with color selection and set a date for prep work. Written estimates are provided. You’ll always be able to reach your consultant directly with any questions or concerns. You’re hiring us for a reason after all. Allow us to meet your budget and quality needs and earn your trust.

02. Prep Work

The Ohio Painting Company, LLC takes care of protecting and/or moving all furniture and items from the work area, in addition to completing all drywall repairs and any necessary maintenance requirements prior to painting. This is where our attention to detail will WOW you on the final transformation and lifelong performance.

03. Begin painting

We begin our focus resolving your ultimate final concerns at the start of our finishing process, whether they are colors, finish or logistics. It’s never too late to correct or address an issue so rest assured you won’t be “stuck” with a color or solution that leaves you unsatisfied. Our schedule and resources are available to you until we determine together the correct course of action. From here we simply execute your vision with precision and your home is left clean and safe at the end of each work day.

04. Quality Check

Our job is not complete until our scope is fulfilled and you’re a satisfied customer. Management and quality control will continually inspect each focus of the project and the surrounding areas for final touch-ups until the final walk-through and inspection.

Professional Painters

Our Team at Ohio Painting Company take pride in calling ourselves Painting Experts. We deliver Fast and Efficient Quotes, while being Cost Friendly.

High Quality

We use High Quality Paint to ensure a long lasting finish. Our Team Managers will always do a Quality Check with you, staying in constant contact to be absolutely sure you are satisfied.

Local Business

Located in Dayton, Ohio. The Team here at The Ohio Painting Company are proud to partner with local businesses, helping to improve our local neighborhood. We Love Small Business.

House Painting Professionals

Along with Painting the living room, we can also fulfill any other house painting needs you might have. Our team will work with you to determine the perfect color and finish for your house painting needs. Color, texture, finishes, these are just a few of the factors our painting team will take into consideration.

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