9 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring House Painting Contractors

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A fresh coat of paint is one of the most effective ways to increase the value and appeal of your home. A new coat of paint brightens an interior space while also making the exterior appear newer. House painting, whether a detailed interior job or a complete exterior repainting, is a job you want to be done right.

Although painting is a popular DIY project for homeowners, it may require more effort than you anticipated and may necessitate the services of a professional. Painting contractors have the resources to complete a painting job on time and within budget. Do you require house painters in Dayton, OH? Here are some pointers for hiring a painting contractor:

Draft a Plan

Having a detailed plan to work by will save you time and money. Here are some questions to guide your plan-making:

Is it an interior and exterior painting job?

Certain painting jobs are assigned to a specific crew by some painting contractors. In general, exterior house painting is affected by the weather. If it rains on the day you have your Dayton, OH home painted, you will have to reschedule. Make certain that your plans are adaptable enough to accommodate changes.

How Many Rooms Do You Want to Paint?

If you want to paint more than one room, you’ll probably get a better deal on interior painting. Sending out a crew to paint a room is not cost-effective, which means you may be paying more for a minor task.

How Will It Impact Your Daily Schedule?

Most reputable house painters require an adult or the homeowner to be present while they do their job. Even though they are professionals, they’d love you to supervise and participate in the process.

Research Painting Contractors

After you’ve planned, it’s time to look for reputable painting companies. A good painting company should at the very least be licensed and insured. Begin by researching and reading reviews online. The ideal painting contractor will have extensive painting experience as well as a long list of satisfied clients.

Get Referrals

Referrals are the best means of finding reliable painting contractors. Since most are small, local companies, seek options from your friends or family who have recently hired a painting contractor.

Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring House Painting Contractors

Not Hiring a Local Painter

Don’t just hire any painting contractor you find online. Hire an Ohio painting company if you require exterior painting services. Hiring painters in your area or township can be much more convenient because they can quickly come around to inspect the job and provide you with a free estimate.

Hiring the Least Expensive Exterior House Painting Option

Another blunder to avoid is hiring the cheapest contractor available. The cheapest option is not always the best option. Professional painting services that cost a bit more guarantee an absolutely superb outcome. A business offering lower rates than its competitors usually lacks the resources to deliver a quality job.

Getting Only One Estimate

Shopping around for multiple painting estimates can be stressful, especially if you’re pressed for time. However, accepting the first estimate you receive may cause you more stress.

On average, we recommend obtaining at least three painting estimates. Companies with low estimates don’t usually do a wonderful job – whether they deliver low-quality jobs or use inferior materials.

Overlooking Insurance

If you hire a Dayton, OH, painting contractor who does not have general liability insurance and workman’s compensation policies, you will be held liable for any accidents that occur. Insured painters can provide coverage for repairs, replacements, and payment for property damage.

Hiring an Inexperienced Exterior Painting Contractor

A handyman should not be hired for an entire house or exterior painting job unless you want something less than high-quality painting. While every business deserves the opportunity to demonstrate its worth, hiring a new company for exterior or interior painting is risky.

Not Researching the Company Before Hiring

Research is an essential component of the hiring process. You should take the time to ensure that the contractor you hire has the resources to provide high-quality exterior or interior painting. Are the reviews positive? Do they keep paint drips and drops off your floor and furniture? All of this information is available through research.

Making Full Payment Before Job Completion

Be wary of house painters who demand full payment upfront or before beginning your interior painting project. Such a request will not be granted by a reputable painting company.

Not Demanding a Clean-Up Service

A typical painting project, whether interior or exterior, includes cleaning up the mess after the job is finished. Professional cleaners are all aware that they must clean up after themselves. Ensure that the written work contract emphasizes cleaning and proper waste disposal.

Not Getting a Written Contract

A painting contract is a list of expectations and details for a house painting project. Get everything in writing before you sign anything. The contract should outline all project stages as well as the expectations and responsibilities of both parties.

Some of the crucial things to have in a written contract include:

  • The client and contactor’s details and information
  • The scope of work describes the details of the service
  • A fixed price for materials and labor
  • The project’s location and an estimated work schedule, stating a proposed project completion date
  • The type of paint agreed upon for the job

Final Thought

Hiring a painting contractor to paint the interior or exterior of your home isn’t as difficult as you might think. Doing your homework ensures that you find professional painters who are invested in your project and who provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. That is the level of service you will receive when you hire The Ohio Painting Company.

Call us at (513) 457-1040 if you need painting services in Ohio, whether residential or commercial, for a professional paint job with an exquisite touch. Please contact us for a free estimate and to discuss your house painting project.

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