Hallway Painting Techniques: What Color Should I Paint My Hallway?

Nick Goebel

Nick Goebel

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Hallway Paint Ideas to Try for a Modern Look

Hallways usher guests into the house. They need to be neat and welcoming. Though tiny, there are many ideas you could try to make the hallway more than just a space that people use to get into the main house. You can do a lot to enhance your hallway and make it a place to behold, urge your guests on, and make them curious to see what lies ahead. Let’s look at ways you can give your entrance an elegant look with modern hallway colors.


Techniques of Hallway Painting

Consider the amount of natural light getting into the hallway.

You may be surprised, but having a well-lit, welcoming space can boost your mood and make you feel happier. Lighting it up makes it safe and also gives it a feeling of tranquility. Not all hallways receive enough natural light. If your hallway is not getting enough light, you can change your front door to one with glazing that lets in some light while safeguarding your privacy. Glazing on internal connecting doors can help you get light from other rooms into a narrow hallway. Accent lighting can be great for those dark corners within the hallway while highlighting a focal point in the hallway. Additionally, mirrors and reflective gloss paint on the window frames can create an illusion of proper lighting in the welcoming space.

Add a feature wall

Apart from lighting, a mirror, artwork, feature wall, and paint color can affect your hallway look. Use neutral colors on the walls and light colors on the ceiling to give a narrow hallway a lush look. If you have a feature wall, paint it a dark color or highlight it with wallpaper. Feature walls work magic on small hallways, making them look bigger than they are. As an interior designer for your home, you can pair it up with a decorative rug, an art gallery, paintings, or live plants.

Make a bold choice

One of the modern hallway ideas you need to try is avoiding all those neutral colors and going for bold colors. A strong color scheme can make a bold introduction to your home in ways that white walls and gray accent colors can’t. Brighter colors like red, orange, and a deep shade of blue are allowed. You do not have to use a single color in the hallway. If you have off-white, pale blue, or gray as your primary color, create a contrast with these brighter colors.

Expand the space

There is nothing wrong with a narrow hallway. Even a small hallway can look better with a suitable color scheme and interior design ideas. One of the best ways to do this is by playing with the wall paint color, the ceiling color, and other decorating ideas. Any hallway decor ideas that increase the amount of light getting in can make this welcoming space look bigger. A bigger space looks clean, healthy, and welcoming. Experiment with mirrors, lighting, and paint colors. A uniform color on the walls and ceiling is a great idea, as are mirrors and glazed doors. Also, remember to paint the inside of the front door a neutral color to expand the space.

Wallpaper can be a gorgeous backdrop.

Wallpapers work wonders too. They allow you to give your walls or accent walls a unique look and feel. You can match it with your wall colors and decor. Wallpapers come in all shapes and patterns, and abstract shapes can create a subtle contrast in your hallway and add character to your hallway.

Exude some warmth with peach and yellow

Your hallway paint should always create a welcoming feel. Warm colors such as peach and yellow do this perfectly so that you can try it out. However, go for the lighter shades and mix them with a different subtle color.

Create a relaxing feel with green

Your guests need to feel comfortable as soon as they enter the hallway. Use colors that make the hallway feel relaxing and set the pace for a great conversation and a lifetime of friendship. There is no better way to do this than with the paint colors you use, such as green and pale blue. Ask an interior design professional to help you with the right color scheme.

Paint the stairway and add a border

When painting the hallway, do not forget the woodwork and the stairs. Painting the staircase with a contrasting color can go a long way in adding detail to your hallway. A dark border on the stairway can also highlight it in a way that makes it stand out.

A dark color is allowed.

Who said dark colors are not for the welcoming room of your home? Dark colors do not always give a place a gloomy feel. Many use chalkboard paint in the hallway to create a family noticeboard. You can also paint the inside of your front door with darker shades to create a highlight and give the space depth.

Consider adding a console table.

A console table is a great hallway decoration idea and an excellent alternative to a feature wall. Adding a console table to the hallway can give you space to display beautiful porcelain, lamps, mirrors, books, plants, or anything that can add personality to this space.

Use the floor paint color to create visual interest.

Most of the dirt from your shoes will collect in the hallway, but you can use this space to create visual interest. If there is a staircase, remember to paint it and give it a bright white or off-white trim. A warm color spectrum could enhance the look and feel of this high-traffic area.

Use a decorative rug on the floor.

Floor mats and decorative rugs can add to the curb appeal of your hallway. Place a nicely decorated rug inside and match it with the interior decor.

Add a sofa for extra comfort.

Who said the hallway could not be comfortable? If you have a considerably large hallway space, allow your guests to sit and rest before entering the main house. You can also sit there some days, watching the world outside, especially if there is a large window where you can fix a window seat.


Hallway Paint Colors to Try

What is the best paint color for your hallway? A single color, two colors, three colors, contrasting colors, a single color… There are no rules to follow when selecting the ideal color scheme for this space. However, factors such as available space, interior color scheme, amount of natural light coming in, lifestyle, and the desired feel all play a role. Here are some common hallway paint ideas to consider:

Different shades of white

Most hallways have white trim on the doors, window frames, and off-white walls. You can go with different shades of white to add detail while maintaining the bright look of this space.


Give your hallway a practical look with terracotta paint on the floor. You can pair it up with white walls. Terracotta also gives this space some texture and depth.


If you have a large hallway, light gray can work wonders on the walls, while dark gray makes an attractive accent color. Gray gives the space a lighter look, one of the effects you want to create in the hallway. You can pair it with a bold color on the furniture and fittings and a subtle color on the floor.


Most hallways are white, but you can always break this tradition with something unique. Without a console table, feature wall, or art gallery in the hallway, you could always create a chalkboard paint color on the hallway. If your hallway color scheme is bold, the chalkboard paint color inside the front door will work wonders.


Green is calming and gives any space an earthly feel. Being the color of nature, it tends to create a relaxing atmosphere. Whether in the hallway walls or other rooms in your home, green is a paint color you need to experiment with. You can achieve a lot with different shades of green. For instance, sage can help you create an illusion of space in a narrow hallway. Green is among the modern hallway colors that pair well with white walls. It also works beautifully with a darker shade on the floor to maintain a cohesive look.


Why do you need professional help?

Your hallway is a unique space. Whether big or small, modern or classic, you can instantly transform it into the welcoming space you desire. How you organize and paint the hallway can affect your home’s entire mood and how your guests interact with you. You want your home to be a friendly, relaxing, and happy place while simultaneously creating room for warmth and friendship. An accessory here, a new paint color there, and other budget hallway ideas can help you achieve this goal. Working with a professional can help you convert a dull home into a modern home without breaking the bank.

The Ohio Painting Company has helped hundreds of homeowners like you achieve this with paint color. Here is why you need to partner with us in transforming your hallway;

Save time and money.

The number one reason you need to hire a professional to help you paint your hallway is because of time and money. Choosing the right color schemes for your home can be time-consuming, and most people experiment with different colors without success. The more colors you try, the more you spend. Avoid the guesswork. We have tried it on many homes and have an idea about what could work in yours.

Create the right feel

Guesswork never brings results, only frustration. If you are in love with a specific color, it does not mean you should try it on your walls, ceiling or floor. Not every favorite color should go into your interior decor. Some colors work well on the exterior walls, while others work best on the cabinets and fittings. Allow us to select a color palette that matches your taste and the personality of your home.

Blend colors professionally

Contrast is good when trying to create a visual appeal of your welcoming space, but it must be done artistically. You must follow some rules when mixing two or more colors to maintain harmony in your home. It is what we do at The Ohio Painting Company. Call us to guide you through the entire process.

Create a harmonious look

The colors on your walls and floor affect how safe, comfortable, or warm your home feels. Some colors work beautifully, while others clash terribly. Clashing colors affect your mood and the peace in your home. Create harmony with the right color schemes when you hire an expert. Call us for expert project advice.

Beautiful finish

Paint color means nothing at all if you do not have a professional finish. You can have the most expensive and lush color schemes and accessories in your hallway. Still, you need a beautiful finish to communicate this. Finishing the paintwork properly also gives your paint a long life. It is one of the tasks you do not want to include in your DIY projects. Hire a professional to bring out the perfect look you were aiming at.


Need a Modern Approach to Your Hallway Painting? Call Us for a Wide Range of Modern Hallway Colors

You need an expert to create that welcoming look in the high-traffic space of your home. The Ohio Painting Company specializes in a wide range of services, including interior painting, exterior painting, and faux finish. Whether you have a residential or commercial painting project, you could benefit from our expert project advice, quality products, and superior service. Call (937) 409-4443 for a free consultation.


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