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Nick Goebel

Nick Goebel

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The color choice of your dining room provides a seamless balance in your home while setting the pace for sumptuous meals. To curate an inviting dining area, you must use quality paint on the walls and pair it with colorful dining chairs, eclectic round tables, and the right flooring. Most importantly, your dining room color preference depends on your desire to achieve a certain effect in your eating space.
For instance, if your dining room is spacious, settle for exceptional darker color. This will create an atmosphere of refined relaxation while ensuring the area remains intimate. On the other hand, if your dining room feels a bit smaller, bright colors can be welcoming. This article will discuss some colorful dining room ideas you should try.


Should a Dining Room be Lighter or Darker?

Homeowners who fancy the idea of elegance should opt for dark shades. Such a color scheme evokes an atmosphere of eminence, giving you good dining moments. Despite being chic, black on the walls of your dining area demands a contrast. You can execute this by using different color tones on your wood table, table linen, or wall decor.

Suppose your dining area receives little natural light. In that case, classic white walls will help reflect natural light and brighten the dining space. Combine white with another color to create a focal point in your dining room. On the whole, black and white are harmonious. So, combining them will spur an aesthetic blend.


What Color Should Not be Used for Dining Spaces?

Just like living rooms, dining rooms should be intimate and inviting. You must select color shades that create harmony between your dining area and other rooms. To begin with, homeowners can renovate their home’s interior style by adding new paint. A wrong color tone can dull your space, so if you are unsure about the suitable color scheme for your dining room, you should consult professionals. Here are the colors homeowners should not use to create eclectic dining rooms:

Avoid Harsh Whites

Bright whites can be aggressive to your dining space, mainly if your room receives a lot of natural light. As a result, homeowners need to avoid bright white while applying a fresh coat of paint on their dining room walls.

Avoid the Pastel Pink Trend

Detach from trending colors that will soon fade away. Painting your dining room pastel pink might seem okay, but not after the color goes out of style.

Avoid Shades of Blue

Color enthusiasts and foodists believe that a blue dining room stifles appetite. For this reason, using blue as your primary dining room paint color is not a good idea.

Avoid Bright Reds

Interior designers avoid using shades of red on dining room walls because they induce anger. As a homeowner, avoid painting your dining room walls red.


10 Dining Room Color Schemes and Inspirations

1. Get Luxurious With Glossy Blue Dining Room Walls

Blue is criticized as the wrong color for dining rooms. However, some blue hues can produce an elegant look in your dining room when carefully blended. Glossy blue dining rooms ooze luxury, not only in dining rooms but also in living rooms. If you already have your walls painted navy blue and don’t feel like changing them, you can complement and add neutral accents to create a break. You may think that they do not have any impact, but you will be surprised by the amount of attention they draw.

Not only can you achieve a feeling of luxury with blue hues, but also a taste of freshness when you mix them with white. From the ancient times of the Greeks, the blue and white combination has been a classic color combination for creating a clean and calm atmosphere in the dining room. The pristine blue and crisp white bring a mode of relaxation. It encourages your guests to start conversations before or after meals.

2. Add a Taste of Nature With Green

Greenery in your dining room, whether in the form of a potted plant or a light green wall hanging, reminds you of how charming and beautiful nature is. Its versatility means that you can mix it with any style to make the dining area feel fresh and fun. Putting up green wallpaper is another great way to make your dining room feel more natural, especially if you pair it with soft neutrals.

Dark green effectively adds a classic touch to your dining room. When using dark green, ensure the room receives enough natural light to bring out the elegance of this shade. However, using dark green as a dining room color is risky because, if done by an amateur, it can turn the place into a dull room. It is wise to consult an experienced painting company for assistance.

3. Create A Chic Dining Room With Playful Pink

Gone are the days when colors were associated with a particular gender, such as pink for femininity and blue for masculinity. It is high time to bring out the pink from your wardrobes and daughter’s bedroom into the dining room. Pink creates a fun and charming feeling around your dining room that relaxes the nerves of your guests in readiness for a hearty meal.

Blend it with other bright hues if you are worried about having pink as the primary color in your colorful dining room. A combination of pink walls and a white ceiling makes your dining room look classy. If you are not comfortable painting your walls pink, consider adding pink accents, dining chairs, a rug, or even a pink ceiling to create a classic atmosphere without going overboard.

4. Energize the Dining Room With Sunny Yellow Dining Chairs

It is no secret that energy is contagious. Why not paint your dining room walls with a color that energizes your guests to the point that they don’t want to leave the room? After all, the dining room is more than just a place to eat; it’s also a place to connect with friends, family, and guests. When properly used, yellow brings out feelings of happiness and optimism around the dining space. It does well on dining chairs, mats, and cutlery.

If you are unsure of the impact yellow is going to have on your dining room, you can begin by painting a feature wall rather than the whole room. For an exciting experience, you can paint the ceiling of your dining room a warm yellow and choose something else for the other four walls. If you like the outdoors, you can choose a combination of yellow and green to make your family dinners more relaxing.

5. Get Cozy With Orange

Are you interested in a color that creates a thrilling appetite for your family and, at the same time, facilitates the digestion of food? If yes, then look no further than orange. Just like yellow, the orange color is synonymous with energy and creates a positive atmosphere around the dining room, stimulating appetite. The color orange is considered a visual medicine for relieving depression.

When decorating your dining room, a combination of white and orange can make it look stylish and give it a fresh touch of elegance. For simplicity, go with a neutral color for your dining chairs and a warm dining table to bring out a vibrant feel in the dining space.

6. Become Mysterious With Purple

The purple color has different meanings, such as mystery, loyalty, wisdom, and peace. Purple is an unexpected color for dining rooms, but it can blend well with light colors to create a calm and peaceful atmosphere in the room. However, all risky things are rewarding when done right, and this is the same for purple dining rooms. Sometimes, getting that shade of purple that matches well with your furniture is not easy.

From way back in the times of the Romans, the purple color has been associated with royalty. The vibrant wine shades of purple, just like wine itself, are known for making your guests feel welcome in your dining room. Dark purple is often associated with wealth and luxury, so it gives your dining room a sense of class.

7. Use Neutrals to Create an Eclectic Dining Room

Neutrals help you appreciate nature’s freshness, from natural wood furniture that creates a relaxing and soothing atmosphere for the mind to handmade table linens on the dining table. You can add a piece of art to complement the table setting or focal point on the walls, especially one that resonates with your personality. A combination of rustic wooden furniture and white or gray walls creates a harmonious look in your dining room.

You can take care of the wall section of your dining room by just showing off the natural brickwork. Adding neutral accents, such as a neutral rug, is also one of the best dining room ideas.

8. Go Traditional With a Brown Dining Table

Brown is a popular interior design color that creates a natural feeling within your dining room when used properly. Brown can create a luxurious feel when used on the dining table, especially natural wood dining tables. It also does well on the dining chairs and floor. To create a quiet dining room, you could opt for lighter shades of brown, such as beige or camel. Also, the combination of brown and crisp white creates an exceptional atmosphere because the white contrasts with the dark shades of brown. You can also try a blend of nature and tradition by complementing chocolate brown with light shades of green.

9. Add a Classic Touch with a White Dining Space

White is the most versatile color in the painting world. It is the most overused color as it blends with anything. The appropriate white shade can make a small space feel brighter and larger. When combined with live plants and brown wooden furniture, it amplifies the feel of nature in the dining room, which relaxes the nerves of your guests and gives them a memorable experience. You can combine a white dining space with shades of gray to create a feeling of cleanliness and freshness in the area.

10. Get Bold with a Red Focal Point

A well-textured red wall makes a bold statement in your dining room and creates a warm atmosphere for your guests. It is without a doubt that red is an attention-grabbing color, but not appropriate for the four walls. You only need a little red here and there. You could consider adding red accents to your dining table, especially if you have contrasting white paint on the dining walls. You can also try red cutlery, red table linens, and red wall paintings since too much red is not suitable for the dining room.


Need Eclectic Dining Room Ideas? A Dayton, OH Painting Company Can Help

Does the paint in your dining area feel bland? Is the paint coat chipping away into an eyesore? Are you uneasy about your dining room’s color choice? These should not cause you to worry or prevent you from enjoying your family dinners. All you need to upgrade your dining area is The Ohio Painting Company in Dayton. Renowned for our expertise in commercial and house painting, our team ensures that your dining area induces appetites and inspires coziness and warmth for all your guests.

Our team will help you identify a suitable color palette for every single room in your house, as well as your exterior décor. We have the right tools to execute any size of painting project in Dayton and the surrounding areas. Regardless of your budget, our professionals will turn your house into a home, your office space into a productive workshop, and give every room a purpose with just a single coat of paint. To create an eclectic dining room and get painting ideas for your entire home or office in Dayton, Ohio, call us at (937) 409-4443 for a free estimate.


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