The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Painter

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Painting is one home improvement that adds significant value to a property. However, many Americans consider it a simple task since all you have to do is get some paint and a brush, and you’re good to go.

If you’re of that opinion, you’d want to change your perspective regarding house painting. Many homeowners who take on DIY home improvement projects wish they hadn’t.

The annoying part of handling your paint job is that you may spend more in the long run. If you’ve ever tried painting your home, you’d understand why you need professional help.

Perhaps you dislike the dull appearance of your building and want some exterior painting done, or perhaps you want a fresh coat of paint on your interior walls; we are here to provide quality service. Call The Ohio Painting Company at (513) 457-1040.

If you still have doubts about contracting your painting project to professional painters, below are the benefits of hiring a professional contractor.

Advantages of Hiring Professional Contractors for Your House Painting

They Have More Experience

Nothing compares to an excellently finished paint job, whether a single room or a complete interior painting job. A quality paint job makes the interior or exterior of a building look fresh and brand new.

You don’t need professional skills to notice the difference between a DIY and a professional paint job. You’ll likely spot paint runs or off-colors on walls painted by an amateur.

No Prep Work Required

If you’ve ever painted before – even if it’s a room – you’d know how much work is put in before making the first brush stroke. For a smooth and satisfying finish, you need to clean the walls, scrape away loose paint, move some furniture, and probably deal with leaky spots in the ceiling.

Many people skip the prep work and go straight to painting, overlooking its importance in job quality. Besides, do you want to spend hours prepping walls? And don’t forget, moving furniture is not a pretty fun activity.

A professional house painter understands the importance of preparing surfaces before painting, and the most satisfying part is that most painting contractors clean up after completing the job. Beautiful prep work, a new paint job, and a clean-up service, all in one, sounds like a triple win.

House Painters Are the Color Specialists

Deciding on a paint color may be easy, but you risk selecting the wrong shade or a low-quality product when purchasing. Aside from these, your color option may not fit the room.

Wouldn’t you prefer to get a professional opinion before doling out money for the wrong color? When you hire a painter, you enjoy the luxury of getting tips on the best color options for your interior or exterior painting.

Meanwhile, getting higher-quality paint is a piece of cake for professional contractors. They know quality paint and understand its impact on the delivery of a perfect paint job; that’s why most painters bring their own paint.

They Use the Right Tools

The average homeowner may have a couple of paint brushes and other regular equipment like a roller and paint tray. Surprisingly, the painting tools you own may not fit the paint job.

Different paints require specific tools (brushes and rollers) – you may not know this, but professional painting contractors do. Their knowledge of the right tools and their years of experience help them make quality deliveries.

Timely Delivery

As long as you choose the right painting contractor, you can expect prompt delivery. Imagine the joy of coming back to a freshly painted home, completed right on schedule. It’s not uncommon to underestimate the duration of a painting project.

Most homeowners see prep work as easy until they get into it. Maybe you didn’t realize you’d need to do some plaster repairs or how many corners you needed to cut before starting the process, and eventually, a two-day project turns into a week-long task.

What took you a week can take professionally contracted workers a day or two. Most painters specialize in interior painting, exterior painting, or both. So, choosing a painting contractor that fits what you want for prompt delivery is best.

Insurance Coverage

You must have heard stories of contractors who hurt themselves or damaged homes while at work. If you haven’t, it happens. What shouldn’t happen is you being in debt or losing sleep over a wrongly done job or a potential lawsuit because a painter sustained an injury on the job.

Working with a professional contractor comes with peace of mind and no stress. You don’t have to worry about a potential lawsuit or any liability because professional contractors carry liability insurance.

Their insurance covers any costs regarding injuries sustained on the job, safety incidents, and extra costs to correct quality issues or repair damage to your property.

Guarantee of Quality

The most crucial reason anyone hires a professional for any job is the guarantee of exceptional delivery. Even if there’s no formal guarantee agreement, a typical painting contractor knows the effect of one bad review and wouldn’t want to experience it.

Most house painters aim for high-class delivery because their work speaks volumes. How else can they prove their skills if they can’t show proof of their work? Though the labor costs could account for a significant part of the price, rest assured you’re paying for a premium and high-class delivery.

Essential Tips for Hiring a Painting Contractor

Research Painting Contractors

If you’ve decided to paint your property, it’s time to search for reputable painters. An ideal choice should carry at least a license and active insurance coverage. You can begin your search online by reading reviews and checking out their past jobs.

Declare Your Expectations

Before you decide to get a new paint job, you must have had some ideas or probably noticed some errors you want to be corrected. Painters don’t read minds; if you don’t state what you want, they’ll deliver the best quality job they can – but you may not be satisfied.

Do you want only two coats or multiple coats? Do you want the surface free of unevenness from previous paint jobs? Whatever requests you have, discuss them with the painter. Remember that your request will affect the cost and quality of the project, and make sure that the contractor you choose can do what you want.

Don’t Settle for the First Option

When looking to hire a painting contractor, you must be ready to compare and contrast. Your first best option may not be the best. Consult at least three different contractors. Make sure you attend the project meeting and evaluation so you can see how each contractor pays attention to detail.

The longer the evaluation takes, the more detailed the estimate. Compare the estimates to select the contractor you think has more experience. Remember to ask each contractor for testimonials and the size of their painting crew.

Request for Guarantee

Paint jobs can be expensive, and the last thing you’d want is to pay top dollar for an unsatisfying job. Ask for a guarantee before sealing the deal. Your painter must promise to fix any flaking, chalking, blistering, or other mistakes for little or no cost during the first two years.

If your painter can’t guarantee such, that’s a red flag. Move on to find another painter.

Get Referrals

One of the best ways to get the best service is through referrals. Ask your friends and family if they have hired or heard of reputable painting contractors. You can also ask your neighbors or visit properties that have excellent paint jobs for referrals.

What’s the Cost of House Painting?

The estimate for your house painting may likely exceed your expectations because the delivery of a perfect job is beyond scrubbing paint-filled brushes on the wall. Some painting contractors have formulas they use for their calculations. In contrast, others give estimates based on their experience with similar projects, and the factors that make up the entire cost include:

Cost of Paint

The paint cost is most likely the main expense that comes to mind. Quality paint costs between $40 and $70 per gallon, and a gallon covers about 300 square feet. Primers sell for $30 to $50 per gallon, and paint costs differ depending on the brands and finishes.

Cost of Labor

You may not understand why labor costs account for a significant part of the total price until you see the amount of work that goes into preparing surfaces for painting. Taping wall edges, moving furniture, covering floors, and others are rigorous tasks.

Preparation is as necessary as the skill and professionalism offered by the painter, and excellent prep work is the bedrock of a high-quality delivery.

Let The Ohio Painting Company Handle Your House Painting

Hiring a skilled and experienced painting contractor will save you time and money and guarantee impeccable delivery. But the key to enjoying these things is to make sure you do your research when looking for a painter.

If top-notch painting service at an affordable cost sounds like what you need, The Ohio Painting Company is here for you. Call us at (513) 457-1040.


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