Tips for Commercial Building Painting From Expert Painting Contractors

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Attractive commercial buildings easily attract tenants and maintain high values due to their appearance. Commercial painting does a fantastic job of maintaining the new look of commercial properties. Quality commercial painting services will also help deal with chipped or cracked surfaces as well as correct peeled or faded paint.

Difference Between Commercial Building Painting and Residential Building Painting

Many people think that residential and commercial building painting projects are the same. There are differences between them. They include;


Painting a residential building takes less time than painting a commercial building. This is due to the fact that commercial painters are required to work when the business is closed to avoid disruptions, whereas painters working on residential properties can work whenever they want. This means that the time required to paint the commercial property will be considerable.

The scale of the painting

Most commercial painting projects are large, and painting contractors will require a large amount of paint, extensive planning, and additional workers. Most residential painting projects are small and require little planning.

Amount of paint

Because the areas and spaces that need to be painted in commercial buildings are larger, more paint will be used. Residential buildings, on the other hand, typically use a small amount of paint because the spaces and painting projects are generally smaller when compared to commercial projects.

Equipment and materials

Residential painting projects require fewer and simpler tools and materials. If you want to paint your house, you can get these supplies. Commercial painting, on the other hand, will necessitate more equipment or materials because painters will be dealing with a variety of surfaces such as reinforced plastic, marble, concrete, wood, and others.

Number of workers

Because the area to be painted is larger than in most residential painting projects, a commercial building will necessitate a large number of workers or even multiple contractors. The residential building may only have one space, necessitating the services of several painters.

Tips On Hiring Painters For Commercial Building

Ensure they are licensed and insured

You should check to see if the company is licensed and insured. If your employees are insured, you will not be responsible for their expenses in the event of an accident. A licensed and insured company is also a sign of reliability.

Consider their safety practices

Safety is important when it comes to painting. Ensure that the equipment is safe. Some of the equipment required is,


It’s a temporary structure used to support the painters during their work.

Aerial lifts

They are used to lift heavy objects or workers to higher heights.

Sand Blasters

It is used to remove paint and rust. The workers should also be properly trained to ensure that they know how to use the equipment without causing any accidents.

Experience and expertise

Consider the first point. Quality is critical, which is why you need a professional. In order to save money, some people hire low-cost painters who provide subpar services. Cheap can sometimes be costly, and you may have to redo your painting project due to poor workmanship. When selecting a painting contractor, avoid using cost as a deciding factor.

They offer a wide range of services

Some commercial painting contractors offer a wide range of services. Why go with a company that offers fewer painting services when you can get one? Some of the additional services may include;

Cleaning The Interior And Exterior Of Your Commercial Property

Some companies offer additional services after painting. They clean your exterior and interior after painting.


Staining is where commercial building painters apply stains to the wood to ensure that it lasts longer.

Tips for Commercial Building Painting

Here are some of the tips for commercial building painting from expert painting contractors.

Prepare the space

It is critical to prepare the area where the painting will take place. This can be accomplished by cleaning and protecting the interiors. Take down anything that may be on the walls and move the furniture to the side. You should also protect the furniture from spilled painting solutions. You should also make sure that the commercial building’s exterior surfaces are clean.

Inform the employees and the customers

This should be the first thing you think about after planning a commercial painting. You should inform the employees of the date and time that the painting will be completed. Make sure you choose a good time to avoid disrupting business. Customers and employees should be aware of what to expect.

Consider the weather

You should be aware that the weather can have a variety of effects on the painting. For example, if the weather is cold or rainy, the paint will take a long time to dry. High temperatures are required for painting to dry. Make sure you pick the right time, or if the temperatures are below 50 degrees and you need to finish the painting job, you can use a thermostat to raise the temperatures.

Choose the right color

Color selection is critical. Make sure to select a color that is appropriate for your company. Every color has a distinct theme. If you are unsure about the color to use in your commercial building, you can seek advice from a professional. The right painting is essential because it will draw customers to your building.

Select the right finish

Choose the best and most appropriate materials for your commercial building paint job. To ensure the quality of the work, the materials should be of high quality. Some of these materials are paints. There are numerous paint types and manufacturers. Make sure you do your homework on the best paint or consult a professional.

Budgeting and scheduling

Before beginning the commercial painting project, it is critical to create a budget. You will have an idea of each required expense. Scheduling is also essential for avoiding disruptions.

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