Painting a Metal Barn Without a Paint Sprayer

Nick Goebel

Nick Goebel

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A metal barn is an excellent addition to any home and can be painted to match any home décor. Painting a metal barn is much easier than painting wood because there are no knots or blemishes that need to be filled in before painting. All you have to do is sand down the surface of the metal, prime it if required, and then paint it.

Applying metal barn paint is a time-consuming project. It’s not an easy task, but anyone can do it with the right tools and a little patience.

Things You Need When Painting Metal Roofing

Some tools can be used when painting metal barns that will make the job much easier than it would otherwise be. They include:

Paint Brushes

A good quality paintbrush will make your job easier. You do not want to use cheap brushes because they will shed bristles while working on your project. The bristles from these brushes will end up in your paint, making it hard for you to clean up after yourself. You should use an angled brush for large areas and a smaller brush for detailed work like corners and edges.

Paint Rollers

Rolling on paint with a good quality paint roller is much easier than using a brush. Rollers come in various sizes depending on how many areas you want to paint in one application. Rollers also come in a variety of textures depending on the surface they are used on. The quarter-inch nap roller is ideal for painting wood siding but not so much for painting metal buildings.

An extending pole

An extending pole will allow you to reach those hard-to-reach places on your old metal roof. You should also consider using an extension pole with a hook at the end to easily remove the excess paint from your brush or roller before it drips down onto the ground below.

Quality Paint

Painting supply stores sell products designed explicitly for corrugated metal roofs. While they are more expensive than standard exterior paints, they are worth the investment because they contain unique ingredients that help protect against corrosion and UV damage from exposure to sunlight over time.

The Step-by-Step Process of Painting a Metal Barn Without an Airless Paint Sprayer

Step 1: Clean the Metal Barn

The first step in painting a metal barn is cleaning your barn. This will remove any dirt or rust that has accumulated on your barn’s old paint.

There are many ways to clean your metal barn, including using soap and water, sanding it down with an electric sander, or using a power washer. The most effective way of cleaning a metal barn is by using a power washer because it will remove all dirt and rust from the surface of your barn in one step and will access those hard-to-reach areas on the metal panels.

Feel free to scrape off any loose paint during this phase, using a paint scraper to get to the metal underneath.

Step 2: Apply Primer to the Metal Barn

After cleaning your barn, you will need to apply primer to the surface of your metal building. This is important because it will allow for better adhesion between your paint and the metal.

There are different types of primers available for use on metal, including oil-based paint and water-based paint. The most effective type of primer for a metal barn is an oil-based primer because it will stick to the surface of your barn better than a water-based primer.

Step 3: Apply the Metal Barn Paint

The third step in painting a metal barn is to apply paint to the barn’s surface. The purpose of paint is to protect the surface of your barn from weather damage such as rain and wind, as well as to prevent rust and corrosion from forming on its surface due to moisture in the air.

Step 4: Clean Up After Painting Your Metal Barn

After painting your metal barn, you must clean up any supplies used during this process. This may include cleaning up any stray paint drips or using an electric sander to remove dust from your barn’s surface.

Why You Should Consider a Professional to Help Paint Your Metal Barn

Painting a metal barn can be tricky, but it’s not impossible. If you’re up to the challenge, you can save a lot of money by doing it yourself. However, if you’re not an experienced painter, you may want to consider hiring a professional painter. They have experience painting barns that are similar to yours. Here are some reasons to hire a professional painter in Cincinnati, OH:

  • They have the tools and equipment needed for the job
  • They are experienced with acrylic latex paint and sealants meant for use on metal.
  • They know how to protect your property during the painting process and have the right gear for the job, such as safety ropes and helmets.
  • It will save you a lot of time.

Final Word

Painting a metal barn can be a daunting task. The sheer size of the project and the number of coats required can make it seem like an impossible job. If you plan to paint your own metal barn, you might consider hiring a professional painter.

Professional painters have experience painting large structures and have the know-how to do the job quickly and efficiently. They also have the proper tools, such as sprayers, rollers, and brushes, to make the process smoother. Additionally, professionals have access to high-quality products specifically designed for metal surfaces.

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