What Is The Best Way To Paint A Deck?

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Painting and staining wood surfaces outside are excellent ways to update and protect them for long-term use.

Allowing a professional to paint or stain your deck will protect it from moisture rot, heavy foot traffic, and intense UV radiation.

Professional painting services can only help to extend the life and enjoyment of outdoor structures like porches, patios, pergolas, fences, and decks. Regardless, this blog will teach you how to paint your deck the best way possible.

Surface preparation is the key to a successful deck painting project—a traditional summertime project. Deck staining also helps to protect timber fences, structures, and decks from the elements, particularly the harsh Ohio winters and rain.

To be certain that your deck is ready for painting, consider the following factors: dry surface, clean, and free of loose paint. To prepare your deck for painting, carefully scrape away old paint with a scraper.

The Ohio Painters, on the other hand, can paint the majority of your home’s outdoor recreation spaces beautifully.


Although it’s not difficult to paint a deck, these few pointers will be helpful. Follow the step-by-step procedure to have your deck painted.

Step 1: Clean up the deck

Before painting or staining a deck, whether or not it’s brand new, you must thoroughly clean it. There are deck cleaning products that you can apply with a garden hose dispenser, pressure wash, brush using a utility broom or other brush, and then wash off.

Ensure to have the following procedure at the back of your mind when cleaning the deck.

  • Deck cleaners: it’s essential to use a general-purpose deck cleaning solution to wash the deck and remove filth, dust, and debris.
  • Deck brighteners: Use this wood-bleaching product to eliminate stains and black splotches that could otherwise show through a fresh coat of stain on unpainted wood decking that has grayed irregularly over time.
  • Remove mold and mildew: Before painting the existing deck, make sure to apply a cleaner that contains a mildewcide to prevent the growth of mold.
  • Avoid using a power washer: While power washers are fantastic for blasting away dirt and debris, their high-pressure water jet can rip pieces of decking out. Therefore, use a stiff nylon-bristle brush to scrub the deck after using the cleaning solution—provided it’s necessary.After that, to remove the cleaning solution, use a garden hose with a jet nozzle and let the deck dry completely.

Step 2: Sand And Scrape The Deck.

Before repainting a deck, remove all loose and peeling paint during the process and smooth the rough edges for the most satisfactory outcome.

  • Use a wire scrub brush: To remove spray paint, sweep over the previously painted deck. The loosest paint bits are easily removed with a wire brush, albeit it probably won’t get them all.
  • Use A Paint Scraper: Ensure to use the flat scraper to remove loose paint bits by putting the blades at a lower angle along the deck and lightly pushing it in the same direction.Although this is a difficult scraping technique, it is critical to avoid gouging the wood with the blade. Use a curved scraper with a blade that has a moderate arc at the end and pulls rather than pushing.
  • Don’t Neglect Sanding: Normally, it is rare for only scraping to remove the paint from a new deck; large patches of stuck-on paint are likely to remain on the board after removing loose paint, but that’s good because the new paint will still adhere if the old paint isn’t peeling.

It would help if you still sanded to round the corners where painted surfaces meet bare wood.

STEP 3: Finish Up With Paint

This is the last and smallest step after all the other preparation. Meanwhile, apply painter’s tape to the surrounding areas of a house or garage before opening the paint or stain can.

It is essential to think about the tools you will use to apply the new finish.

  • Paint Roller: A paint roller is ideal for applying fresh paint because it applies a consistent coat of paint and expedites the painting process. Also, it is simple to apply because there is a connection between the roller handle and an extension pole.
  • Stain Pads: This tool is a way to apply stain to an unpainted wood deck quickly; it features absorbent material like foam and the ability to attach an extension pole.
  • Hand Brushes: When painting the deck railing or other small areas where a roller won’t fit, keep a few brushes on hand for quick touch-ups.

It’s important to take notice of the wood underneath the deck to paint it in a case where it is reachable. Otherwise, if the board is not well sealed, moisture may seep into the wood and shorten the lifespan of the entire deck paint applied.

Nevertheless, it would be best if you call for the services of professional painters in Dayton, OH.

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Let’s take the burden and stress you have to encounter away from you and relax, feeling good about the state of our existing paint outlook on your deck. Your home deserves an aesthetic look that radiates much value.

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