9 Differences Between Residential and Commercial Painting Contractor

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Residential and commercial properties are two different beasts with unique challenges. You can’t just hire anyone to paint your home—you need to find someone equipped to do a wonderful job and understand their nuances and limitations.

While they are both in the same industry and require comparable skill sets from their respective painters, some significant differences affect how these services are provided, priced, and managed on an ongoing basis.

If you are looking for painting contractors who can do a fantastic job on your home or business, it helps to know what sets those spaces apart before making any decisions moving forward.

Here, we’ll look at some key differences between residential and commercial painting services, so you can easily find a reputable painting contractor for your future painting needs.

1. Pricing

While no industry standard exists for commercial painting pricing, residential painting is typically priced by square foot coverage. The pricing model for a quality painting job is not as straightforward.

Calculating the cost will vary based on several factors, such as the space’s size, the job’s complexity, the materials needed, and the amount of time required to complete the work.

A residential interior painting project, for example, is very different from a large warehouse and will command very different pricing.

2. Duration of Services

The amount of time it takes to complete both residential and commercial painting services depends on several factors, such as the condition of the walls, the size of the room, and the type of paint required.

The choice of Cincinnati painting contractors and their experience will also matter significantly. Some local painters are quicker and more committed to customer satisfaction by doing an amazing job in a timely manner.

3. Differences in Equipment Used

Equipment plays a big part in the performance, quality, and durability of residential and commercial painting jobs. Residential painters use a wide variety of tools designed to accomplish a few different tasks effectively, such as roller brushes, brushes, and paint rollers.

Commercial painters use roller brushes and brushes, but they use more sophisticated equipment such as high-tech paint sprayers.

4. Differences in Surface Quality

When it comes to surface quality, it will vary based on the type of paint used.

There are several different types of paint; some are better for commercial uses than residential ones. For example, high-quality latex paint is meant for exterior painting to hold up when used on surfaces subjected to high traffic like commercial office buildings.

5. Differences in Paint Brands Used

Paint brands used in residential and commercial painting projects are typically the same, but there are some exceptions.

A residential painter is more likely than a commercial painting contractor to use a lower grade of paint. This could be due to the amount of coverage required and the lower pricing, as commercial painters require a higher grade of paint to ensure that their work will withstand constant use.

6. Size of Property

As previously stated, commercial painters frequently work on projects spanning thousands of square feet. On the other hand, residential painters typically work on projects that are only a fraction of that size, such as one- or two-story homes.

The average residential painting project is often no more than a single room, such as a dining room or exterior wall. On the other hand, commercial painting projects will cover more square footage and can span an entire building.

7. Number of painting contractors

One of the greatest differences between residential and commercial painting is the number of workers involved.

Residential painters typically do everything from start to finish alone or with little assistance from others. Commercial painting crews, on the other hand, generally are made up of 2-4 painters and an apprentice that help with the prep, application, and clean-up of each project.

Why The Services of Painting Contractors Differ?

There are two main reasons for this difference, but the biggest is that commercial painting projects can involve thousands of square feet of wall space and ceilings.

Commercial painting jobs are significantly bigger than residential painting jobs. As a result, these projects typically require more than half the workers needed for a residential painting job.

8. Amount of Paint

While both types of professional painters use high-quality, commercial-grade paint in their work, the amount of paint required for a residential painting job is far less than that required for a commercial painting job.

If you’d like to have your house painted, you can expect to use around a gallon of paint per room, while commercial painters may use 10 or more gallons in a single project.

9. Project Management

Residential and commercial painting projects are managed differently for several reasons.

Residential painters are often engaged at an hourly rate, making it easier to get accurate free estimates and budgets for the work. Commercial painting projects, however, are usually priced based on a per-square-foot rate.

This is because the amount of paint needed for a given space is often different for each commercial property. It would be nearly impossible to provide an accurate estimate through an hourly rate.

Hire the Best Cincinnati Painting Contractor Today

Painting is a necessary part of maintaining your property and will likely be something you need to do more than once.

With so many differences between residential and commercial painting, selecting the right service that can do an excellent job is critical. Residential painters can frequently provide a more personalized service that can assist you in making the most of your space. Commercial painters, on the other hand, are much better prepared for larger projects that require larger crews and more materials.

If you live in Cincinnati, Oh, and want to get started on a commercial or home project that requires painting or drywall repairs, call the Ohio Painting Company at (937) 409-4443 for a free estimate.

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